Google Analytics (GA3)

Google Analytics的广告交换Ad Exchange相关的维度与指标解读-Google Analytics报告维度指标大全(二十五)

指标AdX Impressionsga:adxImpressionsINTEGERAn Ad Exchange ad impression is reported whenever an individual ad is displayed on the website. For example, if a page with two ad units is viewed once, we'll display two impressions.
指标AdX Coveragega:adxCoveragePERCENTCoverage is the percentage of ad requests that returned at least one ad. Generally, coverage can help identify sites where the Ad Exchange account isn't able to provide targeted ads. (Ad Impressions / Total Ad Requests) * 100
指标AdX Monetized Pageviewsga:adxMonetizedPageviewsINTEGERThis measures the total number of pageviews on the property that were shown with an ad from the linked Ad Exchange account. Note that a single page can have multiple ad units
指标AdX Impressions / Sessionga:adxImpressionsPerSessionFLOATThe ratio of Ad Exchange ad impressions to Analytics sessions (Ad Impressions / Analytics Sessions).
指标AdX Viewable Impressions %ga:adxViewableImpressionsPercentPERCENTThe percentage of viewable ad impressions. An impression is considered a viewable impression when it has appeared within users' browsers and has the opportunity to be seen.
指标AdX Clicksga:adxClicksINTEGERThe number of times AdX ads were clicked on the site.
指标AdX CTRga:adxCTRPERCENTThe percentage of pageviews that resulted in a click on an Ad Exchange ad.
指标AdX Revenuega:adxRevenueCURRENCYThe total estimated revenue from Ad Exchange ads.
指标AdX Revenue / 1000 Sessionsga:adxRevenuePer1000SessionsCURRENCYThe total estimated revenue from Ad Exchange ads per 1,000 Analytics sessions. Note that this metric is based on sessions to the site, not on ad impressions.
指标AdX eCPMga:adxECPMCURRENCYThe effective cost per thousand pageviews. It is the Ad Exchange revenue per 1,000 pageviews.

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