Google Analytics (GA3)

Google Analytics的用户计时User Timings相关的维度与指标解读-Google Analytics报告维度指标大全(十八)

维度Timing Categoryga:userTimingCategorySTRINGFor easier reporting purposes, this is used to categorize all user timing variables into logical groups.
维度Timing Labelga:userTimingLabelSTRINGThe name of the resource's action being tracked.
维度Timing Variablega:userTimingVariableSTRINGUsed to add flexibility to visualize user timings in the reports.
指标User Timing (ms)ga:userTimingValueINTEGERTotal number of milliseconds for user timing.
指标User Timing Samplega:userTimingSampleINTEGERThe number of hits sent for a particular userTimingCategory, userTimingLabel, or userTimingVariable.
指标Avg. User Timing (sec)ga:avgUserTimingValueFLOATThe average elapsed time.

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