Google Analytics (GA3)

Google Analytics的社交互动Social Interactions相关的维度与指标解读-Google Analytics报告维度指标大全(十七)

维度Social Networkga:socialInteractionNetworkSTRINGFor social interactions, this represents the social network being tracked.
维度Social Actionga:socialInteractionActionSTRINGFor social interactions, this is the social action (e.g., +1, bookmark) being tracked.
维度Social Network and Action (Hit)ga:socialInteractionNetworkActionSTRINGFor social interactions, this is the concatenation of the socialInteractionNetwork and socialInteractionAction action (e.g., Google: +1) being tracked at this hit level.
维度Social Entityga:socialInteractionTargetSTRINGFor social interactions, this is the URL (or resource) which receives the social network action.
维度Social Typega:socialEngagementTypeSTRINGEngagement type, either "Socially Engaged" or "Not Socially Engaged".
指标Social Actionsga:socialInteractionsINTEGERThe total number of social interactions.
指标Unique Social Actionsga:uniqueSocialInteractionsINTEGERThe number of sessions during which the specified social action(s) occurred at least once. This is based on the the unique combination of socialInteractionNetwork, socialInteractionAction, and socialInteractionTarget.
指标Actions Per Social Sessionga:socialInteractionsPerSessionFLOATThe number of social interactions per session.

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