Google Analytics (GA3)

Google Analytics的(增强型)电子商务Ecommerce相关的维度与指标解读-Google Analytics报告维度指标大全(十六)

维度Transaction IDga:transactionIdSTRINGThe transaction ID, supplied by the ecommerce tracking method, for the purchase in the shopping cart.
维度Affiliationga:affiliationSTRINGA product affiliation to designate a supplying company or brick and mortar location.
维度Sessions to Transactionga:sessionsToTransactionSTRINGThe number of sessions between users' purchases and the related campaigns that lead to the purchases.
维度Days to Transactionga:daysToTransactionSTRINGThe number of days between users' purchases and the most recent campaign source prior to the purchase.
维度Product SKUga:productSkuSTRINGThe product SKU, defined in the ecommerce tracking application, for purchased items.
维度Productga:productNameSTRINGThe product name, supplied by the ecommerce tracking application, for purchased items.
维度Product Categoryga:productCategorySTRINGAny product variation (size, color) supplied by the ecommerce application for purchased items, not compatible with Enhanced Ecommerce.
维度Currency Codega:currencyCodeSTRINGThe local currency code (based on ISO 4217 standard) of the transaction.
维度Checkout Optionsga:checkoutOptionsSTRINGUser options specified during the checkout process, e.g., FedEx, DHL, UPS for delivery options; Visa, MasterCard, AmEx for payment options. This dimension should be used with ga:shoppingStage (Enhanced Ecommerce).
维度Internal Promotion Creativega:internalPromotionCreativeSTRINGThe creative content designed for a promotion (Enhanced Ecommerce).
维度Internal Promotion IDga:internalPromotionIdSTRINGThe ID of the promotion (Enhanced Ecommerce).
维度Internal Promotion Namega:internalPromotionNameSTRINGThe name of the promotion (Enhanced Ecommerce).
维度Internal Promotion Positionga:internalPromotionPositionSTRINGThe position of the promotion on the web page or application screen (Enhanced Ecommerce).
维度Order Coupon Codega:orderCouponCodeSTRINGCode for the order-level coupon (Enhanced Ecommerce).
维度Product Brandga:productBrandSTRINGThe brand name under which the product is sold (Enhanced Ecommerce).
维度Product Category (Enhanced Ecommerce)ga:productCategoryHierarchySTRINGThe hierarchical category in which the product is classified (Enhanced Ecommerce).
维度Product Category Level XXga:productCategoryLevelXXSTRINGLevel (1-5) in the product category hierarchy, starting from the top (Enhanced Ecommerce).
维度Product Coupon Codega:productCouponCodeSTRINGCode for the product-level coupon (Enhanced Ecommerce).
维度Product List Namega:productListNameSTRINGThe name of the product list in which the product appears (Enhanced Ecommerce).
维度Product List Positionga:productListPositionSTRINGThe position of the product in the product list (Enhanced Ecommerce).
维度Product Variantga:productVariantSTRINGThe specific variation of a product, e.g., XS, S, M, L for size; or Red, Blue, Green, Black for color (Enhanced Ecommerce).
维度Shopping Stagega:shoppingStageSTRINGVarious stages of the shopping experience that users completed in a session, e.g., PRODUCT_VIEW, ADD_TO_CART, CHECKOUT, etc. (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Transactionsga:transactionsINTEGERThe total number of transactions.
指标Ecommerce Conversion Ratega:transactionsPerSessionPERCENTThe average number of transactions in a session.
指标Revenuega:transactionRevenueCURRENCYThe total sale revenue (excluding shipping and tax) of the transaction.
指标Avg. Order Valuega:revenuePerTransactionCURRENCYThe average revenue of an ecommerce transaction.
指标Per Session Valuega:transactionRevenuePerSessionCURRENCYAverage transaction revenue for a session.
指标Shippingga:transactionShippingCURRENCYThe total cost of shipping.
指标Taxga:transactionTaxCURRENCYTotal tax for the transaction.
指标Total Valuega:totalValueCURRENCYTotal value for the property (including total revenue and total goal value).
指标Quantityga:itemQuantityINTEGERTotal number of items purchased. For example, if users purchase 2 frisbees and 5 tennis balls, this will be 7.
指标Unique Purchasesga:uniquePurchasesINTEGERThe number of product sets purchased. For example, if users purchase 2 frisbees and 5 tennis balls from the site, this will be 2.
指标Avg. Pricega:revenuePerItemCURRENCYThe average revenue per item.
指标Product Revenuega:itemRevenueCURRENCYThe total revenue from purchased product items.
指标Avg. QTYga:itemsPerPurchaseFLOATThe average quantity of this item (or group of items) sold per purchase.
指标Local Revenuega:localTransactionRevenueCURRENCYTransaction revenue in local currency.
指标Local Shippingga:localTransactionShippingCURRENCYTransaction shipping cost in local currency.
指标Local Taxga:localTransactionTaxCURRENCYTransaction tax in local currency.
指标Local Product Revenuega:localItemRevenueCURRENCYProduct revenue in local currency.
指标Buy-to-Detail Ratega:buyToDetailRatePERCENTUnique purchases divided by views of product detail pages (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Cart-to-Detail Ratega:cartToDetailRatePERCENTProduct adds divided by views of product details (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Internal Promotion CTRga:internalPromotionCTRPERCENTThe rate at which users clicked through to view the internal promotion (ga:internalPromotionClicks / ga:internalPromotionViews) - (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Internal Promotion Clicksga:internalPromotionClicksINTEGERThe number of clicks on an internal promotion (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Internal Promotion Viewsga:internalPromotionViewsINTEGERThe number of views of an internal promotion (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Local Product Refund Amountga:localProductRefundAmountCURRENCYRefund amount in local currency for a given product (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Local Refund Amountga:localRefundAmountCURRENCYTotal refund amount in local currency for the transaction (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Product Adds To Cartga:productAddsToCartINTEGERNumber of times the product was added to the shopping cart (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Product Checkoutsga:productCheckoutsINTEGERNumber of times the product was included in the check-out process (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Product Detail Viewsga:productDetailViewsINTEGERNumber of times users viewed the product-detail page (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Product List CTRga:productListCTRPERCENTThe rate at which users clicked through on the product in a product list (ga:productListClicks / ga:productListViews) - (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Product List Clicksga:productListClicksINTEGERNumber of times users clicked the product when it appeared in the product list (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Product List Viewsga:productListViewsINTEGERNumber of times the product appeared in a product list (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Product Refund Amountga:productRefundAmountCURRENCYTotal refund amount associated with the product (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Product Refundsga:productRefundsINTEGERNumber of times a refund was issued for the product (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Product Removes From Cartga:productRemovesFromCartINTEGERNumber of times the product was removed from the shopping cart (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Product Revenue per Purchasega:productRevenuePerPurchaseCURRENCYAverage product revenue per purchase (commonly used with Product Coupon Code) (ga:itemRevenue / ga:uniquePurchases) - (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Quantity Added To Cartga:quantityAddedToCartINTEGERNumber of product units added to the shopping cart (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Quantity Checked Outga:quantityCheckedOutINTEGERNumber of product units included in check out (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Quantity Refundedga:quantityRefundedINTEGERNumber of product units refunded (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Quantity Removed From Cartga:quantityRemovedFromCartINTEGERNumber of product units removed from a shopping cart (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Refund Amountga:refundAmountCURRENCYCurrency amount refunded for a transaction (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Revenue per Userga:revenuePerUserCURRENCYThe total sale revenue (excluding shipping and tax) of the transaction divided by the total number of users.
指标Refundsga:totalRefundsINTEGERNumber of refunds that have been issued (Enhanced Ecommerce).
指标Transactions per Userga:transactionsPerUserFLOATTotal number of transactions divided by total number of users.

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