Google Analytics (GA3)

Google Analytics的内容分组Content Grouping相关的维度与指标解读-Google Analytics报告维度指标大全(十一)

维度Landing Page Group XXga:landingContentGroupXXSTRINGContent group of users' landing pages.
维度Previous Page Group XXga:previousContentGroupXXSTRINGRefers to content group that was visited before another content group.
维度Page Group XXga:contentGroupXXSTRINGThe content group on a property. A content group is a collection of content providing a logical structure that can be determined by tracking code or page title/URL regex match, or predefined rules.
指标Unique Views XXga:contentGroupUniqueViewsXXINTEGERThe number of unique content group views. Content group views in different sessions are counted as unique content group views. Both the pagePath and pageTitle are used to determine content group view uniqueness.

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