Google Analytics (GA3)

Google Analytics的平台设备Platform or Device相关的维度与指标解读-Google Analytics报告维度指标大全(七)

维度Browserga:browserSTRINGThe name of users' browsers, for example, Internet Explorer or Firefox.
维度Browser Versionga:browserVersionSTRINGThe version of users' browsers, for example,
维度Operating Systemga:operatingSystemSTRINGUsers' operating system, for example, Windows, Linux, Macintosh, or iOS.
维度Operating System Versionga:operatingSystemVersionSTRINGThe version of users' operating system, i.e., XP for Windows, PPC for Macintosh.
维度Mobile Device Brandingga:mobileDeviceBrandingSTRINGMobile manufacturer or branded name.
维度Mobile Device Modelga:mobileDeviceModelSTRINGMobile device model.
维度Mobile Input Selectorga:mobileInputSelectorSTRINGSelector (e.g., touchscreen, joystick, clickwheel, stylus) used on the mobile device.
维度Mobile Device Infoga:mobileDeviceInfoSTRINGThe branding, model, and marketing name used to identify the mobile device.
维度Mobile Device Marketing Namega:mobileDeviceMarketingNameSTRINGThe marketing name used for the mobile device.
维度Device Categoryga:deviceCategorySTRINGThe type of device: desktop, tablet, or mobile.
维度Browser Sizega:browserSizeSTRINGThe viewport size of users' browsers. A session-scoped dimension, browser size captures the initial dimensions of the viewport in pixels and is formatted as width x height, for example, 1920x960.
维度Data Sourcega:dataSourceSTRINGThe data source of a hit. By default, hits sent from analytics.js are reported as "web" and hits sent from the mobile SDKs are reported as "app". These values can be overridden in the Measurement Protocol.

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