Google Analytics (GA3)

Google Analytics的AdWords相关的维度与指标解读-Google Analytics报告维度指标大全(五)

维度Google Ads: Ad Groupga:adGroupSTRINGThe name of the AdWords ad group
维度Google Ads: Ad Slotga:adSlotSTRINGThe location (Top, RHS, or not set) of the advertisement on the hosting page.
维度Ad Distribution Networkga:adDistributionNetworkSTRINGThe network (Content, Search, Search partners, etc.) used to deliver the ads.
维度Query Match Typega:adMatchTypeSTRINGThe match type (Phrase, Exact, Broad, etc.) applied for users' search term. Ads on the content network are identified as "Content network". For details, see
维度Keyword Match Typega:adKeywordMatchTypeSTRINGThe match type (Phrase, Exact, or Broad) applied to the keywords. For details, see
维度Search Queryga:adMatchedQuerySTRINGThe search query that triggered impressions.
维度Placement Domainga:adPlacementDomainSTRINGThe domain where the ads on the content network were placed.
维度Placement URLga:adPlacementUrlSTRINGThe URL where the ads were placed on the content network.
维度Ad Formatga:adFormatSTRINGThe AdWords ad format (Text, Image, Flash, Video, etc.).
维度Targeting Typega:adTargetingTypeSTRINGThis (keyword, placement, or vertical targeting) indicates how the AdWords ads were targeted.
维度Placement Typega:adTargetingOptionSTRINGIt is Automatic placements or Managed placements, indicating how the ads were managed on the content network.
维度Display URLga:adDisplayUrlSTRINGThe URL the AdWords ads displayed.
维度Destination URLga:adDestinationUrlSTRINGThe URL to which the AdWords ads referred traffic.
维度Google Ads Customer IDga:adwordsCustomerIDSTRINGCustomer's AdWords ID, corresponding to AdWords API AccountInfo.customerId.
维度Google Ads Campaign IDga:adwordsCampaignIDSTRINGAdWords API
维度Google Ads Ad Group IDga:adwordsAdGroupIDSTRINGAdWords API
维度Google Ads Creative IDga:adwordsCreativeIDSTRINGAdWords API
维度Google Ads Criteria IDga:adwordsCriteriaIDSTRINGAdWords API The geographical targeting Criteria IDs are listed at
维度Query Word Countga:adQueryWordCountSTRINGThe number of words in the search query.
维度TrueView Video Adga:isTrueViewVideoAdSTRINGA boolean, Yes or No, indicating whether the ad is an AdWords TrueView video ad.
指标Impressionsga:impressionsINTEGERTotal number of campaign impressions.
指标Clicksga:adClicksINTEGERTotal number of times users have clicked on an ad to reach the property
指标Costga:adCostCURRENCYDerived cost for the advertising campaign. Its currency is the one you set in the AdWords account.
指标CPMga:CPMCURRENCYCost per thousand impressions.
指标CPCga:CPCCURRENCYCost to advertiser per click.
指标CTRga:CTRCURRENCYClick-through-rate for the ad. This is equal to the number of clicks divided by the number of impressions for the ad (e.g., how many times users clicked on one of the ads where that ad appeared).
指标Cost per Transactionga:costPerTransactionCURRENCYThe cost per transaction for the property.
指标Cost per Goal Conversionga:costPerGoalConversionCURRENCYThe cost per goal conversion for the property.
指标Cost per Conversionga:costPerConversionCURRENCYThe cost per conversion (including ecommerce and goal conversions) for the property.
指标RPCga:RPCCURRENCYRPC or revenue-per-click, the average revenue (from ecommerce sales and/or goal value) you received for each click on one of the search ads.
指标ROASga:ROASPERCENTReturn On Ad Spend (ROAS) is the total transaction revenue and goal value divided by derived advertising cost.
指标ROIga:ROIPERCENTThis metric is deprecated and will be removed soon. Please use ga:ROAS instead.
指标Marginga:marginPERCENTThis metric is deprecated and will be removed soon. Please use ga:ROAS instead.

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